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Icynene Spray Foam Insulation - SprayFoam InSEALation by Beicker Insulation

Icynene Foam Insulation Testimonials

Let me again commend you on a great insulation job at my home. Even for someone whoís been in the construction industry for 30 years, itís hard to believe the difference the Icynene Insulation has made on this two-story home! Since we began construction, going up the stairs in the hot weather, was like entering an oven. Now the bottom floor is cool even on a hot day, and the top floor is exactly the same as the bottom. Amazing.
But itís more than the great product, Donny. You have a top-notch crew, and you should really be proud of them. Itís rare to find construction crews with high standards of workmanship, attention to detail, cleanliness, etc. as your people have.
Needless to say, Iím impressed. I intend to highly recommend Beicker Insealation to anyone building a new home, and will insist on using your company for my future commercial jobs. Itís the best investment I can imagine.
David M. Zuniga, P.E.
Boerne, TX

We built our house ourselves and went all out with the Icynene Foam Insulation from Beicker Insulation and we are GLAD we did. The house is SO quiet & peacefull. Not to mention we are saving HALF on the electric bill!!! :-))
Jorge Gurza, Seguin, TX
"You cannot go wrong with Icynene. We love the benefits of it in our new home! Our electricity bill is much lower than normal, and, it's so comforting to know the air we breathe is clean as everything is sealed so effectively. We checked our AC filters after being here several weeks, and they were completely clear. We are also enjoying the noise-free benefits; we don't have to worry about waking our daughter while she's napping with this insulation in the walls. Furthermore, it's great having an attic without dust everywhere; ours is clean and storage ready! I'm so glad we made the decision to go with Icynene; it's a phenomenal product!"
Kolleen & Eric Kallus, Seguin, TX
We have a ceramic floor above the garage and in the winter, the floor would often be 18 degrees colder than the room temperature.  After removing the fiberglass and adding Icynene®, the temperature difference is now less than 2 degrees.  And we no longer have frozen pipes!
Todd & Jeri Scebold, Ames, Iowa
With Icynene® in our townhouse, our energy bills are 35% less than our neighbors who used fiber glass, and with the addition of an air filter, our son is having less asthma attacks. Icynene® has really made the difference!
Murray Clarke, Toronto, Canada
We used Icynene® to insulate our old home and we have already experienced a 25% reduction in heating oil consumption and I haven't installed the exterior clapboard yet.
Tom Anderson, Petersham, Massachusetts
The attic of my cabana-style building would typically be about 150 degrees in the summer.  After re-insulating the underside of the roof deck with Icynene®, the attic is no more than 1-5 degrees different than the inside of the building
Bob Miller, Sarasota, Florida
We are living in an area where the design temperature is –20F and with Icynene®, our gas bills are only $60 per month.  Our house was so well sealed that when the 5 Star Plus rating technician arrived, he was surprised that our house had such a low rate of leakage.
Ron Bateman, Anchorage, Alaska
We are very happy and pleased... We have a 4,000 square foot home on the lake in Emmetsburg that had a total bill of $610 for heating and colling for the first two years. Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative is monitoring our progress and savings. 
Steve Heldt, Iowa
In that cold winder of 2001, the peak gas bill to heat this 4,200 square foot home was $85.78.
Dave Helland, Saylorville, Iowa



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